1. november 2014

Worldwide Christmas Stocking Exchange 2014

Do you remember the stocking that I made earlier and sent to FreHugz?
Do you remember me telling you I was suppose to recieve one my self in this swap, but not from FreHugz? I send to someone, and that someone does not send to me.

Anyway, holisticknitter sent me a wonderful surprise of a package that I got in the postbox today!

I guess she has been really looking at my blog/my postings on Ravelry and so on, because she really got this package togheter like she knew me really well! I am amazed and so in love with everything in this package that I don't know what to begin to show you!

First of: This stocking is blue, my favourite colour, love it! 

But it is not the only stocking in the package, I got 4 in total!

I got a little cute red one for the Christmas Tree, and a wash coth with a stocking on, and I got a pair of socks with gingerbread on them! (I have to keep a close eye to make sure that pair of socks just doesn't walk out the door one day on the "wrong" pair of feet, someone here liked them just as much as I do! )

And I got a set of gingerbread cutters, a bookmark and some cute christmas stickers! I love it! Now I just have to find a very christmassy picture to put in the bookmark and I am ready to read a book!

But as if that was not all, I got the worlds cutest gingerbread house to decorate the christmas tree with! And it arrived in one piece! And that is amazing! I have not seen anything like it, and I hope it will last for years to come since I like it so much I am not able to eat it!

Thank you ever so much, holisticknitter, for knitting such a lovely stocking and putting togheter this lovely package for me !

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