25. oktober 2014

2014 Worldwide Christmas Stocking Exchange

This year I have made and sent a stocking to FreHugz in the USA, and I hope she loves it!

Since I know she has got it and opened it, I am posting pictures here so that you all can see the stocking I made!

The pattern is from Dale Garn, from a Christmas Stockning booklet with the number 8701 on it, the booklet contains patterns in English.

I made the "Fana stocking" without the stripes on it, and changed the heel (I dislike knitting heels on socks) and the toe-thing. It turned out just the way I liked it, so I was very hopeful that the reciever also should like it!

I used Mellanraggi, white and red, and knitted it on needles 4 1/2. My only regret with this is that I should have used a thicker yarn, since it got all soft after being washed. Thicker yarn would have kept the shape better and the stuffing of the stocking in it. But you learn something new everytime you make stockings, and that I like!

Togheter with the stocking I sent some typical Norwegian Christmassy stuff, and an chocolate from Island that I found getting the two norwegian ones.

The theme of the swap was gingerbread cookies, and I got the to gingerbread things in a shop at Solsiden shoppingsenter here in Trondheim. In the summer month of june!

The coffee is bought from Cemo Gourmet, an online store, and is "Knitting Coffee". I had to add it to the package just because of the knitting theme-picture on it.