6. juli 2014

A surprise gift in my mailbox!

Yesterday we came home from our family vacation to Ixia on the island Rhodes, and what was avaiting us at home was a huge stack of mail and a package with a lovely surprise inside that made me totally scream out loud of joy!

I have to say that I was not at all expecting this package to arrive, and I am still a little bit shocked and teary eyed of surprise that someone took the time to send this to me!

But I admit, with no shame at all, that I have given out very strong hints in a group named "Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap", in the crafts-forum Ravelry that I would love to recieve a package with the sweets named Peeps. And that I hoped for a swap-partner in either USA or Canada for the stocking swap this Christmas, so that I could get some peeps candy..

Because they are so darn cute that I am simply in love with them, but unfortunately they are only sold in USA and Canada... It is so typical for me to fall in love with a thing almoust impossible to get my hands on! Well just almoust impossible...

I have to admit one other thing: I have spent some time since yesterday searching to find out who sent me this package. And I have come up with a suspect that matches a member of the group "Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap" and has sent her a "thank you ever so much-message" on Ravelry.


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